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These can combine the bonuses of an income for life mixed with the advantages of investing in a fund that invests in a range of fixed interest, property and equities. Income from a with-profits annuity will not be guaranteed, however policyholders will benefit from any future profits, or share in any of the losses in the with profit fund. Be aware your income may fall as well as rise so they carry some risk. Contact me using the form opposite and I will explain in more detail.

The advantages of with-profit annuities

- Combining the advantage of investing in the stock market with an income for life.

- With-profit funds smooth investment returns, leveling out investment peaks and troughs

- Providing the potential of an increasing income, mixed with the security and peace of mind annuities can provide

- Longer term, with-profits annuities may help to hedge against inflation

The disadvantages of with profit annuities

- Future annuity payments will fall if bonuses are lower than expected

- Increases in future life expectancy can be passed on to the policyholder through reductions in future bonuses

With-profits annuities are more complex products and you should seek further information from a specialist annuity adviser.

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