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Annuity providers rates differ widely. Your pension income can be increased by ensuring you purchase your annuity from the provider which pays the most income. This is commonly known as the Open Market Option. New legislation introduced by the FSA mean that insurance companies must tell you about this option.


Annuity Options:


Single or Joint

You will receive a higher level of income from a single life annuity but the income will stop should you die. Most married couples have a joint life annuity. This ensures that your partner will continue to receive an income in the event of your death. The amount varies, contact me and I can explain in more detail.


Guarantee Periods

The majority of annuities are guaranteed to pay out over a certain period. If you buy an annuity without a guarantee period and were to die shortly after retirement your income would not be passed to your estate. For example if you select a fifteen year guarantee and died after two years, your estate would continue to receive an income for the next thirteen years.


Annuity Protection - Money Back Annuities

Currently only offered by a handful of annuity providers this option allows your estate to receive a lump sum should you die before 75. This also depends on whether or not you have received a certain amount before this age. It is known as an annuity protection lump sum.



A level annuity pays the highest income at the start and does not increase in the future, whereas an escalating annuity starts at a lower level, but increases each year.

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